Lasertank XX

  • A 20 years old puzzle game
    created for Windows95
  • with more than 19000 levels,
  • now working on Windows, Maccintosh & Android...

Download & Installation

  • step 1: install the Adobe AIR runtime
  • Step 2: download your version:
    Windows, Maccintosh or Android
  • Step 3: install the Game
    (for Android, you have to copy it on your mobile, and allow installation from sources out of Google Play)
  • Step 4: have fun :)

(You can play here the early development browser-based version of Lasertank XX if have Adobe Flash plugin in your browser, but this version is not as polished as the Android version )

Back in 1995...

The Original Lasertank, back in the 90's.

LaserTank was a puzzle game for Windows 95, originally created by Jim Kindley back in 1995. For 20 years, fans all over the world have been creating new levels which have been included in the Lasertank monthly update. Now, there are nearly 20.000 levels. Each level has a difficulty rating, so you can pick a level that suits your skills. Lasertank, is the only puzzle game you will ever need, you will never run out of levels.

Lasertank is a puzzle game (a bit like Sokoban) played on a 16 x 16 grid requiring logical thinking to solve levels. The goal is to reach the flag with the Tank by moving the tank in four directions and firing the laser to move or destroy objects, without falling into the water or being shot by anti-tank laser guns. You must try to do it with the least amount of moves and shots as possible to enter history.

Lasertank XX LT 20 years edition

And NOW let me introduce you Lasertank XX, the next version of that game. Even if levels have been updated every month for 20 years, the last LaserTank version created by Jim was made available in 2005. . The problem is also to bring this game to a new public in the days of Facebook, when games are played in a Browser... or on tablet and mobile phones running other Operating System like Android, or Apple IOS.

I have been in love with that game since 2003, and by 2011, i started to look at the possibility to run it in a browser. Being a Flash Developer, I decided to create a version in Actionscript3 for Flash in a browser, and then for Android and for PC and Mac using Adobe Air...

The gameplay is a bit different from the Original version. The game is played completely with the mouse. Clicking on the floor will (try to) move the tank there. Clicking on an Object in the same line or column will shoot a laserbeam in that direction.
- clicking on the book name open the book picker
- clicking on the level number open the level picker.

Lasertank XX, first level.

A new addition to the game: a level picker with thumbnails

The different objects in the game

DIRT This is the ground. You can move on it, push things over it and shoot over it.
TANK This is you. You can move in four directions and fire a laser. Tanks can not travel over water, and can not drive through solid objects other than the Flag.
FLAG This is the target that you must reach to end each level.
WATER The only thing that can swim in this game are the movable blocks, every thing else will sink. You can shoot over water.
SOLID BLOCK This type of block can not be shot through, destroyed or moved.
MOVABLE BLOCK This type of block can be moved by being shot at with a laser. If it is pushed into water, it will form a bridge. A bridge acts like dirt.
CRYSTAL BLOCK This type of block can not be destroyed or moved. You can shoot through it, but anti-tanks can not see you through the crystal block.
BRICKS This type of block will be destroyed if you shoot it.
ANTI-TANK GUNS These are enemy laser guns that will shoot you if you get in front of them. If you fire at one of their sides you can push them around; even into water. If you shoot one of them in the gun barrel without them seeing you, you will destroy them.
MIRRORS These can be used to deflect a laser shot when fired on the mirrored surface. If you shoot the mirror base, the mirror will move.
ROTARY MIRRORS These can be used to deflect a laser shot when fired on the mirrored surface. If you shoot the mirror base, the mirror will rotate a quarter turn.
TANKMOVERS These will quickly move your tank from one place to another. They won't move anything else, i.e., mirrors, blocks and anti-tanks. You will NOT be able to fire your laser cannon or move while riding on the tankmover. If you need to shoot something while on them or get off in the middle of one, then push a block onto the tankmovers to stop before you get on it.
TUNNELS Either the tank or any movable object can enter a tunnel. When you enter one of them you will exit the other end. There can be up to 8 pair of tunnels, they are designated by their color. If there is not a matching color tunnel, then do not enter it, it is a black hole. If there are more than two tunnels with a matching color, then it gets real interesting.
ICE Ice is very slippery. Anything that can move will slide across the ice until it hits an object. This includes the tank.
THIN ICE It is just like Ice but once something passes over it, it will turn to water. The tank can slide over the thin ice without any problems but there is no standing on thin ice or it will break and you will fall in.