CMS can be configured by editing the settings ($CONF) in the mempad file found at:
/media/_data/content.lst (the extention lst is means it is a mempad file)
This _data folder can be placed anywhere.

In the $CONF part, you can enter generic settings for your webiste : top menu, default language. All settings can be change later on each page or group of pages.

[site] name: "Qwwwest" domain: "" root: "/" logo: "media/qwwwest-logo.png" language: "en" ajaxify: true bgcolor: "#00000000" [] main: [ { label : "About", url : "about"}, { label : "Skills", url : "skills"}, { label : "Portfolio", url : "portfolio"}, { label : "Namaskar", url : "namaskar"} ]