System requirements:
- Apache 2.2+ with mod_rewrite
- PHP 7+


Extract all files from the compressed package in a folder.

Right now, the user settings are in the "index.php" file.
User Management will change in the future...

$USER = [ "name" => "demo", "login" => "demo", "pwd" => '$2y$10$WHBJGsnbQF5vruuIl90Al.p6s0PgHGkRjxjJ.om1.ZAHYYA3tpokK', "adminPage" => "admin", "domain" => "", "readOnly" => true, ];

To generate a new password, add api?encode=USER::PASSWORD at the end of the home URL.
Set pwd in $USER with the resulted string.

You can set the "adminPage" to something more secret than "admin". (the url to connect to the admin area)

In the config.php file in the CMS folder, you can set a SUPERADMIN the same way. The Super Admin can connect to anysite.

you can move the CMS folder wherever you want... just update accordingly in the index.php file. A good practice is to move that folder above the root/htdocs/www folder for security reason.

Now, you can transfer all the files to the local directory or remote server. Make sure the .htaccess files are also copied.

Open your browser and navigate to the address where your files are located. You should see a default template with the sample content.

To go to the administration panel, add at the end of the home URL /admin/(or whatever you set the adminPage).

The initial login and password are "demo". and it is read-only