Why another CMS?

I wanted a CMS which was portable, flat-file, multi-site, portable, and light. I would spend more time being creative in CSS and JS than in modules configuration. I find CMS the most interesting programming topic. Also... Namaskar uses the Mempad file format to store its content and its configuration.

The original Mempad for Windows

MemPad is a portable (no installation required) text editor for Windows that lets you add, edit, and arrange your notes in a hierarchical, tree-based view. (Thank You Horst Schaeffer for this great piece of Software).

Mempad version for the web with reactJS and PHP.

I've been using MemPad for many years to write down my notes, my ideas.
It is incredibly flexible and versatile for its small size.
I was thinking it would be great to turn notes into a website since Mempad has a very nice tree structure similar to a website tree structure... So I started to work on it. I created a Mempad version for the web with reactJS.

there is an Admin demo account (login: "demo", password: "demo")...
You can create new pages, write, move things around, delete, but saving will fail.
Also the file manager I used Improved File Manager is not available in demo mode.

I added a front Renderer, Markdown and Shortcodes to make it a CMS.

The content and the documentation of the website you are seeing now were written in both Mempad for Windows and Namaskar. You can use either...