About Me

A Long Time Ago...

I started programming back in 1985 on an Amstrad CPC 464, in a time when computers had 64k of Ram and used cassettes to save data. I created my first games. At 14, I could use Binary and Hexadecimal and write code in Basic and in Assembly Language.

... in The University

I passed a Master's degree in Computer Science in 1997. Back then, I was programming in Cobol, Pascal, C, C++, Java, Lisp... After That, I passed a BA in English. I spent a year in Dublin City University as an Erasmus Student for a Master's degree in Computational Linguistics. My main subject was Machine Translation.

Being a Web Developer

I started web development back in 2001... Since then, I have worked through all sorts of jobs and titles in both front-end and back-end web development. In my experience of working for web agencies I have obtained an eye for detail and appreciation for design. I really enjoyed developping Flash websites with the ActionScript3 language. I miss the creativity we had with it.

For many years, the front-end development was overlooked, but the need of fully responsive website accross a wide range of devices has now made it important to understand both design and development to achieve a successful UX/UI and the final “wow” effect.

In 2017, I had a 12 weeks Drupal 8 Developper training with DrupalFrance. I now specialize in front-end development but my experience allows me to work on a project with the full-stack developpement in mind; thus, simplifying the process of working with graphic designers and back-end developpers.

I am fluent in both English and French... and speak a bit of Italian, German, and Polish. I love both computer and human languages.

Since 2018, I have worked in Teaching Web Developpement.

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