I live in Paris. I have a Master's degree in IT, a BA in English, and Master's degree in Computational Linguistics. I started programming Games back in 1984 on Amstrad CPC 464. I have worked through all sorts of jobs and titles in web developement and IT since 1999. This experience made me deal with many technologies, and how important it is to achieve the final “wow” effect.


Web TechnologiesHTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MySQL, PHP5, Wordpress, Handlebars, Mustache, Twig, AngularJS, jQuery...
Adobe Flash, ActionScript3, Adobe AIR, Starling, FlashPunk, StarlingPunk... MethodsResponsive Design, Non-obstrusive Javascript, Design Patterns, MVC, OOP... Operating SystemsLinux (LAMP), Windows (WAMP), DOS, Android... Tools Photoshop, After Effects, FL Studio, Brackets, Atom, FlashDevelop... Languages fluent French & English, basic German, Italian, Polish